Upcoming Retreats

Mothers & Daughters Retreat

Mothers and daughters can establish powerful relationships, and that starts with secure attachment. Establishing secure attachment heals us
on many levels. To do this, we must learn to listen and connect with one another. We also need quality time together.

The mother/daughter bond can be mutually nurturing, empowering, and fulfilling. We can learn
tools to deepen our attachment bonds and communicate authentically
. This helps create a
healthy relationship between mothers and daughters – even through the teenage years.

Who is this Retreat for?

  • Any mother with a daughter aged 16 years and up.
  • Mothers and daughters who want to spend quality time together in a nurturing environment.
  • Mothers and daughters who wish to share important, caring conversations.
  • Mothers and daughters who have been preoccupied and disconnected and wish to reconnect with one another in nature.
  • Mothers and daughters who want to enjoy a healthy environment to relax together as a means of reconnecting authentically.

What will I experience?

  • Being pampered and nourished with good food and a beautiful farmhouse.
  • Staying amidst a diverse ecosystem on a private nature reserve.
  • A balance of body/emotion/spirit activities. Learning conscious communication skills and practices to voice feelings and needs in a positive way.
  • Relaxation and FUN with music, games and dance.
  • Dates: Saturday 12th February 2022 – Sunday 13th February 2022
  • Times: Sat 12:30am-8pm, Sat 7:30am-5:30pm
  • Location: Bobbejaanskloof Nature Reserve
  • Retreat Cost: R3250
  • Accommodation (Additional Cost)
    • R2200 (Sharing)

Past Retreats

Regenerative Health Retreat

Restore the connection between your mind/body/spirit and learn how nature reveals a clear path to perfect health. Our four-day regenerative health retreat at Bobbejaanskloof integrates psychology, biology, and ecology to inform transformation on all levels – using nature as a reference and guide to The Self.

The retreat includes daily practises to connect with ourselves, and with nature, in a profound and meaningful way. We will do daily yoga and meditation as well as receiving a forest bathing ceremony and massage or kinesiology. These holistic practises work together with the philosophical teachings to create a deep, sustained understanding of our fundamental connection to nature and how we may use that connection to guide the way we walk through our lives.

Regenerative Health Retreat

  • Dates: Thursday 29 April – Sunday 2 May 2021
  • Times: Thurs 1-5pm, Fri & Sat 8am-5pm, Sun 9am-1pm
  • Location: Bobbejaanskloof Nature Reserve
  • Cost:
    • Excl. accommodation – R4 375 pp
    • Incl. accommodation – R14 875 (single)
    • Incl. accommodation – R10 375 (sharing)

Two Day Restorative Retreat

  • Dates: Friday 11 June – Saturday 12 June 2021
  • Times: Fri 12:30am-7pm, Sat 7:30am-5:30pm
  • Location: Bobbejaanskloof Nature Reserve
  • Retreat Cost: R2500
  • Accommodation (Additional Cost)
    • R1200 (Single)
    • R800 (Sharing)