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Megan de Beyer is an acclaimed author, integrative psychologist, mother, and teen parenting expert.

After several years interviewing adolescent boys about their needs, psychologist Megan de Beyer created essential tools to help mothers raise their sons to be healthy, wholesome men.

Megan’s best-selling book ‘How to Raise a Man:  A Modern Mother’s Guide to Parenting Her Teenage Son’ is now offered as an onlineTeachable course with three options – either do the full course or choose 1 of 3 modules, so you can work with the topic you most need to understand as a parent. 

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How to Raise a Man

$220 USD

Full Course

6 Hours

How to Raise a Man is an online course based on Megan’s best-selling book of the same name, which has already helped hundreds of mothers worldwide. This course is designed for mothers of teenage sons, who want to heal family dynamics and connect authentically with their sons. Yet any caregiver of a teenage boy will benefit.

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Module 1:

$85 USD

2 Hours

What is conscious parenting?
How does it relate to the role a mother plays in raising her teenage boy?

This course aims to answer these questions and equip mothers with essential tools for raising adolescent boys to be healthy, well-balanced young men.

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Module 2:
Understanding Adolescent Boys

$85 USD

2 Hours

As boys enter adolescence, they change dramatically. They may be more aggressive, argumentative, and disconnected. This can feel stressful for parents. Psychologist and parent expert Megan de Beyer unpacks these behaviors and teaches essential tools for understanding the authentic needs of your teen boy.

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Module 3:
Teen Emotional Intelligence

$85 USD

2 Hours

As boys enter the teenage years, they often withdraw. This can make communication and emotional connection feel impossible. In this course, parent expert and integrative psychologist Megan de Beyer reveals important skills for teaching emotional intelligence and sustaining communication in the teen years.

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These courses are designed for parents of teenage boys who want to raise good men.

Here are some of the many benefits parents enjoy from Megan’s Teachable courses:
  • Learn to understand your teen boy, and see him as HE wants to be seen
  • Discover why autonomy is essential for adolescent boys
  • Self-reflection – learn how parenting styles impact teen behaviour
  • Gain practical tools for dealing with typical teen parenting issues – ranging from sexting and screen time to conscious communication
  • A manual for guiding teenage boys towards balanced maturity
  • A holistic approach to handling crises and regulating emotions – yours and his
  • Finding purpose in the parenting experience, and connecting with your teenager

Megan has helped thousands of mothers transform their relationship with their teenagers.  She has been featured on The Morning Show Australia, Australia Financial Review, Daily Mail UK, Parent 24 South Africa, and many other publications as a parent expert.

This is what moms around the world are saying about Megan de Beyer’s parenting courses:

I went to bed and have all day felt the most amazing positive feeling that we are bringing up a good guy and it will be alright.   I did not expect to get so much out of the course the second time around!


I would like to thank you for an excellent course. I feel empowered to put into practice the various strategies you showed us, and I feel that I understand my son so much better. I feel I can deal with the situations that will present themselves in the future with a lot more insight.

-Suzie Smart

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and needed your course.  I used all the tools you gave me, took your advice and slowly talked to my son, then gave him time to come back to me. I can honestly say it was the best thing for both of us.  We’re talking openly and honestly with him now. Thank you again.