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How to Raise a Man

How to Raise a Man: A Modern Mother’s Guide to Parenting Her Teenage Son, reveals important insights about the development of masculinity. Full of practical advice, ‘How to Raise a Man’ divulges essential wisdom, helping mothers navigate the challenges of the adolescent phase.

Teenagers need centered adults to guide them. And few realise how critical the role of the purposeful and emotionally empowered mother is in a boy’s journey to maturity.

If you are confused or irritated by your pre-teen or teenage son, or feel bewildered and hurt by his behaviour, How to Raise a Man will guide you to a clear understanding of teenagers in general and teenage boys in particular.

Drawing on Western psychology as well as Eastern philosophy, the processes and ideas in this practical guide will help you raise the man you want your son to be.

How to Raise a Man:  A Modern Mother’s Guide to Parenting her Teenage Son is published by Penguin Books in South Africa & UK.  Book sellers and affiliates (click to purchase)

Hatchette in Australia & New Zealand (click to purchase)

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Amazon Book Reviews

Sound advice and so many good ideas

Susan Smith – 23 March 2020USA

Very refreshing read when I have felt down and despondent. Some great ideas which are implementable. Not sure I am 100& on track, but definitely feel more confident. Thank you xx

A must read

Simon – 11 June 2020UK

Fantastic read! Great to take a breath and view things from a different lense. Very easy to get lost in the moment, this book provides great insights on how to reconnect authentically and be a better parent.

Practical and wise with up to date info on boys

Deborah Rudman – 5 February 2020UK

I liked that its an instant help for a mother raising a boy. Loads of thoughtful exercises, made me look as myself as a mum to a boy, my understanding of my son has improved.

Reassuring and comforting

Deborah Rudman – 27 July 2020USA

Its suggestions are drawn from De De Beyer’s own experiences; she shares the ups and downs of a mothers odyssey as she accompanies her sons through adolescence to maturity. There is wisdom, there is also humour.

Above all, the book is reassuring and comforting – much like having a companion along a journey that’s filled with the unknown, with pitfalls and unexpected obstacles, but one that is, in the final reckoning, a source of real joy.

Very insightful book!

Amazon Customer – 11 June 2020UK

Very insightful book! Highly recommend it! You learn about yourself as a parent which will help you become a stronger parent and mentor for your son.

Takealot Book Reviews

Melissa – 21 June 2020

I have just started reading the book, but so far so good.

Renee – 4 June 2020

Amazing book, so insightful and useful, Megan also offers a wonderful on-line course which has been such an eye-opener. I would recommend this book to all moms with sons.

Lee- 18 March 2020

Valuable read..informative and have learnt loads from reading this. A must read for Moms with Teen Boys.

Meagon – 16 June 2020

What an insightful book by no other than one of our own “Villagers” Megan de Beyer. A mom of two grown up mean. She’s been there exactly where I am now, I don’t feel alone and I can relate. I’m not abnormal, everything I’m going through is not unnatural if I follow her wonder woman guide on how to raise an amazing man.

Malehloa Justina – 8 April 2020

The best books for parents who are raising a boy child especially single mothers or mother’s who their husbands are not emotionally available in raising their boy.

Messages to Megan

I’m a mother of 3 boys, teach in a boys school and am a day housemaster to 86 boys, grew up in a boarding house of 50 boys and I’m currently reading your book. It’s excellent. Thank you

Personal message from a House Mother 

Megan!! I attended one of your talks at Wynberg Boys High just before hard lockdown & I can honestly say your advise & tips kept me sane & out of jail during lockdown with two teens at home (boy & girl) lovely to be reminded again, our brain fog stage has been lasting a longgggg time tho

Personal message from Anthea 

Hi Megan. You don’t know me but I attended your first dads sons workshop back in the days when our boys were at Founders. Just wanted to say you are doing the most amazing work and I follow your wisdom with intent as being Director of UCT rugby club I need to be conscious of my players in their late adolescence. So just a quick thank you.

Personal message from a Dad 

Hi Megan, thank u for your book. I have read countless parenting books and have found them actually to be not helpful at all. I am only halfway through your book and have made adjustments to MY approach with my 3 teenage sons and have had positive results already. I have been looking to fix them all this time, when I needed to start with myself. I am looking forward to further progress with my sons as I finish reading your book.

Personal message from Michele

Letters to Megan

Megan presents a wonderful resource for mums (but also dads!) in her book ‘How to Raise a Man.’ Based on her wisdom from extensive work internationally as a psychologist and parenting experts and her lived experiences, Megan invites the grounded reflection, change, clarity and support needed to be a parent of boys in the modern world. Through this, we too grow – what an incredible message! 

Dr Ray Swann, host of Understanding Boys Podcast 
(and/or Deputy Headmaster, Brighton Grammar) 
Brighton Grammar School 
90 Outer Crescent Brighton, Victoria 3186, Australia

As the parent of a 13-year-old son this was an invaluable read that has left me feeling more confident and mindful about my parenting. Certainly it’s given me a much deeper understanding of what to expect from the different physical, emotional and intellectual stages that lie ahead. I feel like it has opened both my eyes and my heart, and empowered me with tools to provide my son with both roots and wings.

Pippa Hudson 
Host – Lunch with Pippa Hudson (1-3pm weekdays) 
Cape Talk 

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