Who is Megan de Beyer?

Megan de Beyer is an integrative psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the field. Her combined background in psychotherapy, ecology, and eastern philosophy inform her unique approach of creating symbiotic connections for the purpose of holistic emotional healing.

Further to this, the archetype of The Mother is prevalent in Megan’s work. One of Megan’s great passions is helping mothers thrive on the parenting journey – by doing inner work, first. This passion inspired her bestselling book, “How to Raise a Man: A Modern Mother’s Guide..”

Megan also embodies a strong connection to the greatest mother of all – Mother Earth. Using her knowledge of spiritual ecology, ecopsychology, and biomimicry, Megan runs wellness retreats aimed at solidifying the bond between the individual and the wild.

Overall, Megan’s conscious living philosophy is the foundation of her healing work. She exemplifies three fundamental pillars of healing – radical tenderness, passionate kindness, and extreme peace.

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How to Raise a Man

How to Raise a Man: A Modern Mother’s Guide to Parenting her Teenage Son, reveals important insights about the development of masculinity.
Full of practical advice, ‘How to Raise a Man’ divulges essential wisdom, helping mothers navigate the challenges of the adolescent phase.

Teenagers need strong adults. If you find that you are regressing into childish behavior as a parent, it is time to adjust your methods.
If you are confused, irritated, or hurt by your pre-teen or teenage son’s sudden change in behavior, this book can help guide you.

‘How to Raise a Man’ offers a clear understanding of teen boys and their needs.
The tools and tips in this practical guide will help you raise the man you want your son to be.

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Live Courses

Learning what to DO comes from learning how to BE.
My courses offer tools to help discover how to be. You learn to bring clear intentions and core values to your parenting challenges. Powerful shifts happen when we stop focusing on the problem and rather focus on intention.  This creates a mindful response rather than impulsive reaction.


How to Raise a Man

The Online Course

Based on my best-selling book, 
How to Raise a Man 
is a course designed to help mothers of sons thrive during the adolescent years. 
Based on 18 years of research, this course will help heal your family and create
authentic connection with your teenager.

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Wellness Retreats

Nature, by its very essence, heals the human body/mind/spirit. 
Using my background in ecopsychology and spiritual ecology,
I hold retreats to connect people to the natural world. 
These retreats are held in the sacred private nature reserve at Bobbejaanskloof. 
Check our calendar for upcoming retreats.


Upcoming Events

USA: How to be Teenage Ready10 February 2022St Christophers SchoolLearn More
Bobbejaanskloof: Mothers & Daughters Retreat12 – 13 February 2022Bobbejaanskloof Nature ReserveLearn More
USA: Communicating with Your Teenage Son16 February 2022St Christophers SchoolLearn More
KZN: Strong Mothers, Strong Sons3/10/17 March 2022MichaelhouseLearn More
KZN: Strong Mothers, Strong Sons23 – 24 March 2022MichaelhouseLearn More

What People Love About My Courses & Retreats

“I did Megan’s course (when my son was in Gr9) and have been through the book. It is brilliant and really helps one move from leading from the front as is necessary when they’re little, to standing at their shoulder through the teen years.I love how she puts it all into an understandable perspective and helps us broaden our own focus as mums. Highly recommended.”

– Anne Ellis-Brown

“Megan is a truly awe-inspiring teacher of spiritual ecology, and Bobbejaanskloof Nature Reserve is pure magic. After the retreat, I return home renewed, revitalized, and somehow transformed. This is the power of Megan’s work integrating nature and our own psychology. On her retreats, I access the ways that nature informs my personal healing process. I am coming back every year!”

– Willow Constantine

“Thank you for a wonderful and informative course. It was justwhat I needed to wake up to the fact that my son is a young man with his own identity, and has changed the way I respond to him. I look forward to the next few years with him and I feel more equipped and strengthened to navigate through these teenage years.”

– Lynda

“I just want to thank you for delivering an amazing course. I am so glad I made the time to attend. I have learned so much and am already beginning to see the rewards of a different approach with my eldest son. Our entire family is benefitting.”

– Norma Yates

“I am still in awe of all I learnt last week! I have started implementing certain ways of thinking and have improved my mothering ability already!”

– Sam

“Megan is truly a remarkable person … smart, passionate relatable, humorous. Her approach in helping guide our group of parents with teenage girls brought such insight and perspective. I left feeling more empowered and eager to share my daughter’s journey and maybe even learn more about myself along the way too.”

– Pam