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Purpose Guiding

Programme for Young Adults

Purpose denotes your soul’s deep calling, the place to which you belong and your primary reason for incarnating.

How can you discover your unique life purpose? 

I completed my training as a purpose guide at the beginning of 2020, with Jonathan Gustin at the Purpose Institute in California. 

I discovered that the key to becoming clear about life purpose is engaging in soul-work. Soul work is deep work and a profound act of letting your life truth speak.

There are three distinct purposes: to grow up, to wake up and to show up

Growing up is about becoming a mature adult and requires emotional growth. It reveals the answer to the question: “How do I heal and become happier?”

Waking up is a spiritual quest to discover a practice inspiring a state of enlightenment. It answers the deeper question: “Who am I?”

Showing up is about finding our soul purpose in the world that helps us bring our talents and gifts to the world. It answers the calling: “How do I bring my gifts to people?” 

Soul purpose is a rich creative realm where we have a ‘felt’ sense of purpose. 

As Jonathan Gustin says: “Soul is the mystery taking a unique human journey. Soul is the creative intelligence and imagination of a living universe expressing itself through you.”

The purpose programme that I run online takes you through 8 facets where you define your vision, your values, your talents, your tasks and your unique gifts.  It includes a self- designed day long vision quest in nature.  Although it involves stimulating discussions, it is also practical with notes and tasks. Listening to and engaging with your own soul language requires contemplation.  It requires space for quiet in order to engage in creative expression.

The format:

  • 12x live online seminars with Megan de Beyer and other soul questers.
  • 1x weekend that includes a full day Vision quest in a natural setting with a half day preparation and a half day integration.
  • 4x optional meetings with your Soul support friends.
  • 12x sets of notes
  • Stimulating reading, discussions, meditation and soul craft practices. 

Time allocation:

The course is 14 weeks long. Approx. 3.5 months. Online sessions are 1x a week.

Cost: on application.

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