Like it or not, your son is Generation Z. He has been adored and treasured, photographed and recorded. Many of his generation of adolescents are outwardly assertive and outspoken and have good boundaries, yet inwardly they are full of paradoxes. And they are confusing to manage – your GenZ or millennial rules you. They are clever. But you need to be smarter.

Teens, and not confident, capable adults, are the ones who should overreact, sulk, withdraw or blame. If you find yourself resorting to this behaviour, it is time to reset your parenting methods, as teenagers need centred adults to guide them.

If you are confused or irritated by your pre-teen or teenage son, or feel bewildered and hurt by his behaviour, this book will provide you with a clear understanding of teenagers in general and teenage boys in particular.

As you learn about the development of masculinity, identify your parenting style, become better informed about your role as a parent and familiarise yourself with the issues facing parenthood today, you will become a more compassionate, centred and effective parent.

Drawing on Eastern philosophy as well as Western psychology, the processes and ideas in this practical guide will help you survive your teenage son with your sanity intact.

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